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Our Customers Say...

"I just received my new Defiant. Outstanding!!....I have bought models from large company's to small. None of them hold a candle to you!!"

"....you have gone out of your way to answer my questions as well as keeping me informed about the status of my order. That is something lost upon the larger companies.....Customer service. Thank you for the quality product."

--Robert Jensen

"...the V ships had arrived. They are fantastic! Great detailing and a really nice stand! These are also some of the cleanest resin kits i have come across!" "...I would not hesitate buying from you again."

--Geoff L.

"I just purchased the TM Lindsey Constellation Class Starship...and all I can say is WOW! The detail is awesome and I can see I'm going to be buying more TM Lindsey models.."

--Dale Moczynski

"I have ordered the Seaview...and all I can say is AWESOME! What detail! I love your kits...
Thanks TM Lindsey for keeping the kid in me alive!"

--Don Morley

"The TMLindsey Gunstar was a great build-up -- with nicely done instructions. The model went together quickly & easily..."

--Joe Brown

"I have several of Tim's Trek kits (he's the world's best in 1:2500th)..."


"The TM Lindsey kit has superior casting quality..."

"...the quality of the detailing is some of the best North American garage kit industry. The Deathblossom is really nice on this kit and will look impressive when painted."

--David G.

"TMLindsey's Gunstar-1 best feature is the exquisite detail on the open D.B. panels. The size of the model is also just right...not too big or too small, and it's surface is nicely detailed."

--Don S.

"I received my Defiant yesterday, and from the looks of it, it looks amazing!!"

"You are incredible! Please thank everyone there for their excellent customer service"


"I just received the Olympic Class model as a present. I am amazed at the level of detail in the model and just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how great a job I think you did on it !!"

--Jason Kelly

"I just received the kit today and I have to say that I am very happy with it! The cast is simply beautiful. I can't wait and paint it up and let it join my star fleet armada. Thanks again for your awesome customer service and the wonderful kit."

--Alan Yokoyama

"Got the Gunstar today. It is absolutly beautiful. More impressive in person than the reviews said it was"

--Kit Rees

"Just wanted to let you know that I received my Gunstar kit in the mail today, and I'm delighted with the quality that I'm seeing!"

--Joe B.

"I received the kits in the mail today, and they are great! I look forward to the next releases."

-- J.K.

"I just purchased the TM Lindsey Constellation Class...and all I can say is WOW! The detail is awesome and I can see I'm going to be buying more TM Lindsey models especially the Excelsior Class."


"Hi. I just received the two Defiants I ordered from you. They are AWESOME...I can't believe the quality and crispness of detail...And holy crap, did you go all out!...These things are gorgeous...even your BASE is purty!


"Ive just seen photos of your Gunstar model on Starship Modeler and I just have to say it's without a doubt the best model made on this subject.. I've seen many kits of it: Monsters in Motion, Comet Miniatures...and yours surpasses them in quality."

--Sergio Usera

"I received my 1:1400 scale Defiant at the tail end of last week. I couldn't be happier. First rate work. Nice, clean bubble free casting as well. Finally, after YEARS of waiting, I can add an accurate Defiant to my collection."

-- Larry Wherthey

"The parcel came yesterday. I'm continually impressed by the quality of your castings."

-- A.H.

"I have StarCast's 1/2500 Nebula and it's a nice kit. Great detail and windows too. Tim did a great job on detail."

-- K.P.

"StarCast's stuff's some of the cleanest I've seen this side of the Pacific."

-- R.

"I've built a few of your models over the past several years. I've enjoyed your products."

-- R.M.

"...I've received my Seaview order. I'm really impressed. For the size of the model, there is great detail. This is truly a fantastic model."

-- Rich Roy

"I received my Visitor Fighter today and I must say it's awesome! And the Base is so cool! I can't wait to paint it!!!!"


"I have the Nebula conversion Tim did for the 1/2500 Enterprise-D, and it was far superior to the 1/1400 I bought from another dealer."



If you are quoted here and would like your full name listed, or if you
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let us know.


Constellation Class Starship
Andy Henshaw writes -
"The detail on this kit is exceptional." "A great little kit."

Visitor Fighter
Joe Brown writes -
"The amount of detailing effort that went into this model is inspiring..." "Very highly recommended!"

Visitor Fighter
Malcolm Millard writes -
"The casting of the model is A1 quality mine needed no sanding or filling"
Sydney Class Starship
Garry Stahl writes -
"All detail is sharp and clear. It holds up to inspection under a magnifier."

Olympic Class Starship
Garry Stahl writes -
"An impressive amount of work went into the master for this model...!"

U.S.S. Defiant
Allison Cottreau writes -
"All in all it's a very good representation of the ship." "....an excellent kit for the money and well suited for any level modeler."

Constellation Class Starship
Garry Stahl writes -
"Detail is up to the Lindsey standard, lots of it and finely done."
Gunstar 1
John Lester writes -
"The quality is easily the equal of the best resin available in the sci-fi modeling genre..."
Constellation Class Starship
Alun Owen writes -
"I obtained my Olympic class ship....here in the UK and I was extremely impressed."
If you've reviewed one of T.M. Lindsey's products, please let us know.

Look for reviews of Gunstar One in the June 15, 2001 issue of Toy Shop magazine
and in the October/November, 2001 issue of Modeler's Resource.


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